PowerWash 101

PowerWash 101 is an introduction to the basics of pressure washing.  This course is a must for anyone new to the pressure washing industry or anyone who wants to:

  • Start a business

  • Learn how to properly use pressure washers

  • Embark on pressure washer repair  

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PowerWash 201


PowerWash 201 builds on PowerWash 101 by introducing hot-water power washing theory, equipment, and techniques as well as many of the accessories necessary to be successful power wash contractor. With PowerWash 201, students continue the journey toward becoming expert power washers.

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House Washing 301

Learn how to effectively kill and remove algae, dirt, and other organics from vinyl, cement board, or stucco homes. House cleaning represents a core business that every residential power washing company should understand and provide.

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Roof Washing 302

You’ve washed the sidewalks, windows, and even the awnings; now generate more revenue by offering customers qualified, professional roof cleaning.

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Wood Cleaning and Restoration

Learn to clean and strip wood without damage. Follow Everett Abrams on a simple deck cleaning and staining job to learn how it is done from start to finish. 

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Kitchen Hood Wrapping

Our Kitchen Hood Wrapping course will teach you the ins and outs of wrapping a hood. It will show you various tips, tricks, and tools that will help you properly and quickly wrap most common hood types. Why risk the damage and cost? Take the course today!

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