Kitchen Hood Wrapping

What can make or break a hood cleaning job? A badly wrapped hood! Failing to wrap a hood correctly can result in water in fryer grease, damaged food and equipment, and a large mess to be cleaned up...all adding time to the job and expense to your business. 


Our Kitchen Hood Wrapping course will teach you the ins and outs of wrapping a hood. It will show you various tips, tricks, and tools that will help you properly and quickly wrap most common hood types. Why risk the damage and cost? Take the course today!







Kitchen Hood Wrapping teaches:


  • how to create a safe work area

  • what tools you need to wrap a hood

  • how to wrap quickly

  • common hood types and how to wrap them

  • how to avoid the most common mistakes


Kitchen Hood Wrapping Makes Learning Easy!  

Since not everyone learns in the same manner, this state-of-the-art online course includes a variety of approaches to enhance learning and retention.


Learn At Your Own Pace

The convenience of the online course allows learners to complete work at their own pace, anytime, anywhere they have an Internet connection.


In-Depth Videos

All sections feature in-depth videos with accompanying graphics and demonstrations that support and explain the material in the manual.


Feedback & Evaluation

Each section is followed by a series of quiz questions that provide learners with feedback on how well they are retaining the information. At the end of the course, an online final exam requires a grade of 80% or better to pass.  


Certificate of Completion

Graduates of the course receive a certificate of completion that can be used to demonstrate a proficient understanding of pressure washing basics.  


This Is The Right Course!

Nothing else on the market today compares with Kitchen Hood Wrapping. This high-quality course has been created with extensive attention to detail and provides the most comprehensive information available.

The decision to sign-up is easy for those that want success.  

Sign Up for Kitchen Hood Wrapping now and get on the fast track to power washing success!