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Michael Hinderliter

The son of a power washer manufacturer / distributor and contract cleaner, Mike spent his high school years working weekends and summers on power washing equipment.  This created a great foundation to the start of his own power washing business, in 1985 while attending his senior year of high school.  As one of the most successful individuals in the power washing industry, he has managed and developed several multimillion-dollar operations, including truck and fleet washing, kitchen exhaust cleaning, and a parts and supply distributorship. This success makes him a highly sought after speaker, trainer, and mentor. Mike has a passion for his businesses and employees, and also takes great pride and joy in helping others be successful with the training offered through PowerWash University.


John Collins

John has worked for a number of major corporations and has been involved in managing and training in the operations field for over 30 years. While at Mobil Oil John earned the Operations Manager of the Year award for his efforts in bringing a 100-million-gallon lube blending facility on-line. John began in the power washing industry in 1999, and has an extensive background in kitchen exhaust cleaning. John owned the largest commercial exhaust cleaning business on the east coast for 10 years. After selling his business, and enjoying some time off, John joined PowerWash University as Manager, Training and Development. 

Tom Yuhas

Tom started in the industry in 2000, and has an extensive background as a senior executive in the power wash industry. He has both national and international exposure, and has helped startup wash contractors solidly establish themselves in their respective markets around the globe. Tom has distinguished himself as an “easy to understand“ training expert who has spoken at international events and taught classes across the country. He is an expert in business development, safety, environmentally compliant wash processes, and wash chemistry.

Wayne Shockey

Wayne began his professional cleaning career at the age of 13. It was 1992 that he started using a power washer full time. Wayne’s versatility led him to cleaning a variety of items and surfaces, however when he started cleaning awnings he found his passion. He quickly determined cleaning awnings needed a different approach than power washing. Since then, Wayne has developed some of the most effective processes for cleaning and repairing awnings. In 2000 he saw a need for removing rust stains from awnings, so he developed products and techniques that worked not only on awnings, but equally on concrete, bricks and stones. Wayne has been training and helping others for over 20 years and currently owns and operates Specialized Maintenance and Awning Cleaning Services.

Robert Hinderliter

Robert began Power Washing in Wichita, KS in 1972 working for Allied Power Wash trading labor for contractor training.  Then in April, 1973 (with an SBA Loan) launched his own company in Fort Worth, Texas Manufacturing Pressure Washers and doing Power Wash contract cleaning.  After almost 40 years in business he sold the business to his son, Michael Hinderliter.  Robert established many firsts and standards for the Power Wash Industry, some of which were:  Two non-profit trade organizations (PWNA and UAMCC), BMPs for Environmental Cleaning, first Industry Bulletin Board in 1995, 5-day Power Wash School, Video Power Wash Training, national distributor specializing in Mobile Power Wash Equipment, the first Convention and Trade Show for Mobile Power Wash Contractors, Environmental Training Seminars for AHJs (Authority Having Jurisdictions, Regulators), power wash safety training, etc..  

Jose Perales

Originally from New York City, Jose has been in Fort Worth, TX since 2007 and has been essential part of Steamaway since 2010. Jose started as the Field Supervisor where he was in charge of outfitting crews with proper equipment and supplies, weekly scheduling and routing, and performing quality control checks to confirm expectations and standards were being met. Jose was quickly promoted to Sales Executive & On-Site Mobile Coordinator in 2011; his role expanded to include signing new accounts and training crews on meeting and exceeding customer expectations.  As an instructor with PowerWash University, Jose uses his 30 plus years of shoulder-to-shoulder customer service and sales experience combined with his extensive knowledge of the power washing industry to ensure his students have the best experience possible.

Clyde Hemminger

Clyde Hemminger develops visual curriculum content for PowerWash University. Clyde has a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Wesleyan University. He entered the pressure washing industry in 2010. His photographs have been published in Cleaner Times Magazine and eClean Magazine. He is a contributing author to the SprayTips Newsletter; a weekly publication for power wash professionals. Clyde enjoys studying human interactions with written and visual media. He uses that observational data to help him create engaging and intuitive content.

Krysteena Walker

Krysteena joined PowerWash University in 2018 as University Coordinator. In her role Krysteena oversees student registration, testing and coordinates the various hands-on training classes. Prior to joining PWU, Krysteena worked for 10 years as an assistant to an attorney at a large DFW area law firm.