Learn To Clean Homes The Right Way

House Washing 301 is a comprehensive introduction to remove algae and other debris safely and effectively from the exterior siding of a house. The cleaning process consists of using Sodium Hypochlorite, a surfactant and low pressure or soft washing.


While pressure washing used to be the standard way to clean a home, the industry soon learned that pressure washing was damaging surfaces and not killing the organic materials. Soft washing is a safer and more effective method to washing a house.


Through this course you will gain a working knowledge of the steps necessary to effectively kill and remove algae, dirt, and other organics from vinyl, cement board, or stucco homes. House cleaning represents a core business that every residential power washing company should understand and provide.


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This online course will cover:

  • Why Do We Soft Wash

  • Equipment Types and Use

  • Proper Chemicals and Mixing Ratios

  • Site Preparation and House Washing Processes

  • Best Safety Practices

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