Professional Power Wash 5 Day Boot Camp

This course is a combination of extensive hands-on training as well as significant classroom discussion and teaching. After completing this intense five-day school, students will understand and be able to implement a wide variety of the different services offered by mobile power washing contractors. Students will also gain the knowledge and techniques required to manage a growing mobile power washing business. In addition to hands on training for specific mobile wash services, industry experts will share marketing strategies, business planning tips, sales techniques, job pricing strategies, record keeping practices, and equipment selection advice.

The Schedule:

Monday: Awning cleaning/Rust Removal taught by Wayne Shockey

Learn about all these specialized add-on services. Learn how to perform each service, along with how to price and maximize your profits for specialized cleanings.

Tuesday: Residential House Washing/Roof Cleaning/Surface Cleaning taught by Tyler Rogahn

This portion of the course covers an introduction to the lucrative market of residential cleaning. It

includes both house washing, roof cleaning and surface cleaning. Learn how to safely and effectively approach cleaning residential properties. Includes soft washing with a dedicated system as well as with a pressure washer.

Wednesday: Fleet Washing taught by Stephan Villanueva

Learn the three most common methods for fleet washing, along with the pros and cons of each method. Learn the basics of finding accounts and how to be a profitable fleet wash business.

Maintenance and Repair taught by Stephan Villanueva

Gain a basic over view on troubleshooting, as well as maintenance and repair of both cold water and hot water power washers.

Thursday: Wood Restoration, Repair and Maintenance taught by Everett Abrams "The Wizard of Wood"

Learn about wood types, cleaning, stripping, brightening, sealing, staining, and types of sealers and stains. You will also learn best practices, systems, equipment and other related services.

Friday: Marketing and Growth Strategies taught by Michael Hinderliter

Participate in an in-depth discussion about developing a sol id business plan and marketing strategy to achieve your desired success.

Environmental Best Practices taught by Robert Hinderliter

Understand best practices for the proper disposal of wastewater generated by mobile business operations and other related activities.

MPWS - 1 (1 DAY PASS) $697.00

MPWS - 3 (3 DAY PASS) $1,957.00

MPWS - FULL (ALL 5 DAYS) $2,597.00

Call us to sign up or fill out the form and we will get back to you.



 April 20 - 24

 July 27 - 31

October 19 - 23

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